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Arwa kitchen faucet

Arwa kitchen faucets The Arwa brand's line of kitchen faucets are designed with ease of use in mind, combined with aesthetically pleasing features.
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Arwa bar faucet

Arwa bar & prep faucets The Arwa brand's line of bar and prep faucets feature outstanding functional design and elegance.
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Arwa soap dispenser

Arwa soap dispensers The Arwa soap dispenser is the hygienic wash option for kitchens and bathroosm. Its easy-to-clean surfaces make this sleek wash option an indispensable accessory in the kitchen and bathroom.
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arwa spare parts

Arwa spare parts Spare parts for Arwa faucets, including cartridges, hoses, and handles.
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Gemini Bar Sinks

Gemini bar sinks Designer bar sinks for high-quality projects. Our sinks are available in numerous shapes, sizes, and finishes. Drains are available with matching finishes.
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Phoenix Faucets

Gemini faucets Our Gemini faucets are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and wet bars. They feature high-quality finishes and solid brass construction for superior quality.
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Gemini Soap Dispensers

Gemini soap dispensers Affordable, high-quality, easily refilled soap dispensers. Available in polished chrome and stainless steel.
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Gemini Universal Showers

Gemini universal showers Experience one of the most exciting and convenient innovations in body showering with Gemini's unique universal shower.
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Similor Kitchen Faucets

Similor kitchen faucets Switzerland's oldest faucet brand. While function and quality impress in daily use, the focus is always the fascination for water.
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Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks Stainless steel sinks featuring the highest quality construction to provide the utmost scratch and corrosion resistance available.
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Antique Copper Bar Sinks
Antique Copper Bar Sinks, 50% off

Clearance Special
50% off
Antique copper bar sinks available in round or oval with smooth or hammered finishes.

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Arwa Twinprime
Kitchen Faucet, 50% off

Clearance Special
50% off
2-handled polished chrome swiss kitchen faucet

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Lavatory Basin
Lavatory Basin, 50% off

Stainless Steel Sale Special
50% off
18" self-rimming lavatory basin, available in two finishes

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Bar Sink/Drain Combo
Bar Sink and Drain Combo, 40% off

Sale Special
40% off
Bar sink and drain combo in a stainless steel finish

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Washboard Utility Sink
Bar Sink and Drain Combo, 40% off

Sale Special
50% off
Washboard utility sink that can be installed as wall mount or drop-in.

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